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At POSM, we understand the importance of keeping your sewer inspection software running smoothly. Our experienced and responsive support team is here to partner with you, understand your goals, and help you achieve them efficiently. We are committed to resolving all your issues and answering your questions promptly, often on the same day.


Pipe Coding Services


Pipe Coding Services

Experience efficient pipe coding services with POSM.


Available Monday to Friday, 7 AM - 7 PM EST
Call us at 859-274-0041


The POSM Remote Support Application Is Your Gateway To Hassle-Free Support

Download, install, and run the program from the link below. Fill in the required fields, then press the Connect button.



One Time Support Session

If you have received a PIN code, enter it here, and press "Connect To Technician" to initiate a remote support session. Run the application or download and run it to proceed. Once the session starts, press "Ok" to grant access to your system.


Enter your 6-digit PIN code:


Recommended Hardware For A POSM Inspection System.

Explore our recommended hardware to enhance your POSM inspection system.



POSM Button Manual


POSM Button Manual

Learn all you need to know about POSM with our new, online manual. Navigate the POSM application interface with ease. Click on a button to learn more about its functions.


Explore the POSM Button Manual at




POSM Quick Start GuidesPOSM Quick Start Guides.

Get started quickly with our simplified step-by-step walkthrough on how to use POSM.




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POSM Support


About POSM Tech Support Team


POSM Software boasts a highly talented tech support team dedicated to serving you. Our team is always ready to provide fast and reliable solutions to any questions or issues you may encounter. We handle most of our customer service over the phone or through our remote support application, ensuring a personalized and efficient support experience.


Our commitment to exceptional products and top-notch customer service has fueled our phenomenal growth over the years. We take pride in resolving the vast majority of glitches with "same-day superior solutions," ensuring minimal downtime for your operations.


POSM leverages enhanced tech support protocols to better serve you. When you contact POSM tech support for computer assistance, our support techs have the option to involve our entire team, allowing us to tap into the full power of our POSM diagnostic expertise and customer support to evaluate and address your issue swiftly.