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Elevate Your Hardware Game with POSM: Powering Your Toughest Tasks






Looking for robust hardware solutions to complement your POSM software? Look no further. Our hardware offerings are tailored to meet your demanding requirements, whether you're using POSM Pro, Lite, or Portable. Explore our rackmount computer options that are ready to deploy with customized backup solutions to ensure seamless operations. Plus, discover how we partner with EQUUS to build top-notch rackmounts and introduce Sensoray's Dual Channel Video Encoder for analog video capture in POSM software inspection applications. Explore the possibilities and elevate your hardware game with POSM.





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POSM Builds Rackmounts with EQUUS


Rackmount Computer





Sensoray USB Video Encoder View 1


Dual Channel Video Encoder


Sensoray USB Video Encoder View 2


Capture Analog Video In POSM Software Inspection Applications.