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Pipe Inspection Software

POSM Software enhances the data-collecting and mapping capacities of crawlers to find maintenance issues in sewers, storm drains, manholes, wells, and pipelines. POSM offers four interface options and three digital storage options to best fit your needs.

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POSM Professional POSM MapReader POSM Server

Compatible With: Aries • Cues • Deep Trekker • Envirosite • IBAK • Hathorn  ID-Tec • MinCam • Rausch • Schroder • Subsite (formerly RST) Trio-Vision • Vivax

POSM Software has a very talented tech support team committed to serving you. They stand ready to offer fast and dependable solutions to whatever question or issue is holding you up. Most of our customer service is handled over the phone or through our remote support application. We’ll listen to you and offer you specific, personalized answers. Read more about POSM Support here.

NASSCO Version 7 PACP, LACP and MACP Certified

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