Inspection Software 

 We Offer Five Software Options To Choose From, All With Superior Functionality And Highly Accurate Pipeline Inspections. 

We will never hold back on options or functionality so we can use it as an excuse to upcharge you for the add-on. On the other hand, we also recognize that not all service company needs are equal, and what works for a large municipality might be way too much for a small contractor. Each package is designed with those differences in mind, so you never pay for something that you don’t need. And if you someday need to upgrade, we simply charge you the difference the day we install it. That’s how POSM Software feels valued business partners should be treated.

 360° Pipe Unwrapping 

POSM Professional's data tracking features combined with State-of-the Art 360° “Pipe Unwrapping” digital imagery lets you see what you’ve been missing in a crystal clear, unique video perspective that utilizes single conductor technology.

Compatible With: Rausch

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 Our Flagship Inspection Application! 

Used for mainline, lateral, and manhole inspection. Fully loaded with all inspection features and modules. Pro gives you complete control, with customizable on-screen overlays, reports, templates, and more. Compatible with most closed-circuit TV systems. 90% of POSM’s customers go with Pro.

Compatible With: Aries • Cues • Deep Trekker • Envirosite • IBAK • ID-Tec • MinCam • Rausch • Schroder • Subsite (formerly RST) • Trio-Vision • Vivax

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 Pro Features On A Vivax Push Camera System 


POSM vCam is an upgraded version of POSM Portable that is 100% compatible with the vCam push camera overlay and footage counter. The upgrade brings Pro-like features to Portable. 

Compatible With: Vivax

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 User-Friendly Basics In A Powerful, Portable Package 

Inspect lateral service lines, wells, and manholes when using push cameras or well inspection cameras. Captures live video, images, and whole-run video. Great for Windows Notebooks or tablets networked to a push camera, Not intended for mainline pipes. Custom Vivax version that allows for computer control of footage and overlay text. Show Vivax.

Compatible With: Push Cameras and other hardware systems with video output

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 The Essential Tools To Go Beyond The Visual 

A cost-effective, streamlined option that gets you up and running with minimal setup. Terrific for contractors and municipalities that don’t utilize NASSCO. Lite keeps things simple while still offering a fast and thorough survey.

Compatible With: Aries • Cues • Deep Trekker • Envirosite • IBAK • ID-Tec • MinCam • Rausch • Schroder • Subsite (formerly RST) • Trio-Vision

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 Start Inspections From GIS Maps and Data—INCLUDED with POSM Pro! 

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