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Our Premier Storage System

You need virtual storage. You need lots of it, and you want that virtual storage to be reliable, secure, and with all the options and frills to enhance your tracking and accuracy.

Welcome to POSM Server, our GIS-Compatible Office product! Maybe you got here because you outgrew POSM Workstation Engineering and POSM Storage. Or maybe you’re new to us, but you’ve already built up a huge archive of inspections. Or you know you’re going to very soon.

The paths are many, but the destination is the same. However it happened, you’ve come to the right place. POSM Server is our Premier Storage System.

POSM Server In Action

POSM Server Features:

  • Saves unlimited sessions. You’re only limited by your company’s storage space.
  • Handles unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Local Server or Cloud Storage option.
  • GIS (Global Information System) communication INCLUDED!
  • Choose Access or upgrade to SQL Database for optimal speed, no matter how large your database grows.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.


POSM Cloud LogoPOSM Server is capable of cloud storage.

POSM Server runs on Windows 10. Windows XP and 7 are no longer supported.

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POSM Server Logo

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"POSM has helped take us forward, collaborating with us to develop the processes we need.”

Pipeline Services Company "Champion"s POSM Software

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"POSM's Crossbore Tools help us sort through potentially minutes or hours of video to pinpoint an issue... "

POSM Spotlight: Jonathan Parker of Frankfort, KY Sewer Department

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"POSM Server was the first I’d used where I could transfer the run directly from the truck to the server or a USB flash drive. Within a few minutes, everyone had access to it."

Florida Maintenance: POSM Top Software on the Market

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"...this pairing of outstanding equipment and software is the best solution to our needs and ensures we maintain the system most effectively. It’s that simple."

Tele-VAC Technicians Use POSM Templates

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“Session management makes our job as project managers much easier. We can review an inspection, query for certain items, and build a list of factors to reference."

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ESRI Certified Business Partner

ESRI Certified Business Partner.


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