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Map Reader

Robust GIS Map and Data Interaction Within the POSM Platform


Map Reader is an incredibly user-friendly interactive mapping application that allows users to start a POSM Pro session by simply clicking on a line segment on a map.




Map Reader Features include:

  • Precise auto-panning GPS navigation to help field crews locate pipe locations.
  • Utilize pipe and manhole layer data from GIS records through POSM Pro to auto-fill all known information from GIS to the inspection header.
    • Pass unique pipe or manhole identifiers to POSM Pro so you won’t need to search manually.
    • Calculate data such as observation X and Y points are based off map projections and display the data in GIS applications.
  • View and print custom maps from the truck, including a highlighted list of completed inspections.
  • Create and share dynamic digital maps.


POSM Map Reader Overview



  • Lets you start inspections by clicking on the map
  • Auto-populates the asset data
  • Uses a published ESRI map to display the map data
  • Optionally uses GPS to locate the current position
  • Links to your POSM inspections


POSM Map Reader Image


By enabling the GPS Layer into the map, you can use a NEMA GPS receiver to find the position on the map fast. Just set the pipe identifier field, click on the map, and send the identifier to POSM.


POSM Map Reader Image


You can also use the map to enable hyperlinks. This function allows you to open the POSM inspection stored on the POSM Server.*
*Requires POSM Server to allow web access to POSM Server data.


POSM Map Reader Image


Search functionality built right into the map! Find what you need by selecting a layer and a field. The search results will appear on the map as highlights. You can even zoom to the selected features or center at the selected features by clicking the zoom and center buttons.


ESRI Certified Business Partner

ESRI Certified Business Partner.