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Sensoray Dual Channel Video Encoder


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Captures Analog Video In POSM Software Inspection Applications.


Sensoray USB Video Encoders are available for purchase on our shop page.


Sensoray USB Video Encoder


The POSM USB Video Encoder is a necessary component for digitizing analog video inspections. Unlike off-the-shelf consumer models, this "industrial strength" POSM encoder is built to withstand the extreme temps of heat and cold. Tough and compact with low power consumption, the POSM USB Video Encoder is well worth the investment.


  • 100% compatible right out of the box. The unit serves as a dongle to unlock POSM inspection features.
  • Simultaneous encode/decode/preview.
  • Hardware video output: MP4, H.264; software video output: MPG1, MPG2, AVI and WMV.
  • Simplified three-piece hookup: Plug-in USB cable, attach video in, and plug in speaker cable. You're ready to go.
  • Electronics protected by a rugged enclosure built to last!