POSM Workstation


Remember when all your inspection runs were saved to DVD? Or the even more inconvenient VHS tape?


Whenever someone needed to reference a run, someone else had to go through the archives and make copies of the requested inspection. Good times!


POSM Workstation Engineering is the single-user digital storage option for sorting through a searchable archive of digital files stored on a single hard drive.


POSM Workstation

Workstation Engineering features and limitations:

  • Saves 2500 sessions per database.
  • Microsoft Access Database; No SQL.
  • No support on a shared network.
  • No connectivity to GIS system.
  • Easy, conveniently upgradeable to one of our more robust options.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

POSM Workstation Engineering is a single-user storage option for a small company storing a limited number of runs. As their archive expands, most users find they need to upgrade to one of our more robust video library storage options. In the meantime, check out POSM Workstation Engineering and get used to the awesome POSM archive storage features. Workstation Engineering is a great starting point.


POSM Workstation