The Roots of Innovation: Exploring the History of POSM Software


Jim Katter

Jim Katter circa 2004


Uncover the fascinating history of POSM Software, a company co-owned by Robert and Gene Clifford Katter. The story begins with their father, Jim Katter, a seasoned salesman who specialized in selling pipeline inspection systems for decades. Growing up with inspection systems in their driveway, the Katter kids had unique experiences, including using a crawler to locate bass in their pond.


The journey of POSM Software officially commenced in 2000 when Robert co-founded the company while pursuing his Bachelor's degree at Purdue University. Robert's early vision was to create software that would revolutionize lateral tap cutting. This initial focus eventually led to the development of comprehensive video pipe inspection software.


Robert's career took him to California, where he joined RS Technical Services (now Subsite) in 2002. As an engineer, Robert played a pivotal role in the development of circuit boards, camera enhancements, and network maintenance. He had the privilege of collaborating with industry experts like Rod Sutliff, whose mentorship left a lasting impact.


In 2009, Robert combined his software interface and storage database expertise to establish his own business. Today, POSM Software is renowned for its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service, making it a standout in the pipeline inspection software industry. Robert continues to focus on expanding the capabilities of GIS SQL Server and developing innovative camera and hardware solutions.


Join us on a journey through POSM Software's history, marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.



Bob and Cliff Pumper Show 2014
Bob and Cliff Katter WWETT Show 2014


Jim Katter at WWETT Show 2020

Jim Katter 2020