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POSM Manhole Custom Software for Owl Vision


POSM Manhole Inspection Software:
Transforming Manhole Assessments


POSM Software for 360 Video Capture and Data Collection


360 virtual pan and tilt generated from flat stitched image of manhole.


POSM Manhole Inspection Software is a robust solution designed to revolutionize the world of manhole inspections. It has been meticulously tailored to facilitate efficient and comprehensive assessments, meeting the stringent standards of NASSCO MACP Level 1 and 2. This software is equipped with specialized tools and features that enable seamless data collection and in-depth analysis during manhole inspections.


Key Features:

  1. Specially Designed Manhole Inspection Interface: Our software provides a meticulously tailored interface, expertly optimized for the specific needs of manhole inspections.

  2. Compatibility with Owl Vision Manhole Camera: Seamlessly integrate POSM Manhole with the Owl Vision Manhole Camera, ensuring precision and compliance with NASSCO MACP Level 1 and 2 standards.

  3. Manhole-Centric Design: POSM Manhole features a custom MACP data input screen, intuitive diagrams aligned with the NASSCO manual, and support for both flat and live 360-degree video. It proudly boasts NASSCO v7 MACP Certification.

  4. 360 Virtual Pan and Tilt: Experience the power of virtual pan and tilt, generated from meticulously stitched flat manhole images. Choose between a flat view or immersive 360° video for a comprehensive manhole inspection.

  5. High-Definition Video Capture: Capture stunning HD video, with support for resolutions up to 4K, ensuring every detail is documented.

  6. Lighting and Elevation Control: Easily adjust lighting and elevation settings, ensuring optimal visibility during inspections.

  7. Flexible Video Zoom: Zoom in and out of the video to observe from any angle or position. Generate flat images and 360° video with virtual pan and tilt for detailed reports. Capture infiltration and flow to identify issues accurately.

  8. NASSCO MACP Compliance: To ensure precise compliance, all fields and tabs are pre-labeled with NASSCO MACP Manual Locations. Distance and position are tracked live on the monitor, displayed in video playback, and automatically filled into office reports.

  9. GIS Integration: Save valuable time by loading GIS Asset Data from POSM MapReader directly into your POSM session.

  10. Database and Capacity: POSM Manhole utilizes an MS Access Database, supporting up to 2500 sessions per database and including 200 header fields.

  11. Multimedia Capture: Capture images in either JPG or BMP format. Additionally, record entire inspection runs and clip observations as needed.

  12. Video Format Support: Enjoy flexibility with video capture in multiple formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, M-JPEG, and WMV.

  13. Video Playback Modes: Choose from office video playback or live video capture modes, ensuring you have the tools you need for efficient inspections.

  14. Customization Options: Tailor the software to your needs with custom templates, observation codes, and scoring setups. Generate pipe rating scores effortlessly.

  15. Observation Management: Streamline your observations by creating count groups, facilitating easier analysis.

  16. NASSCO MACP 7.0 Certification: POSM Manhole proudly meets the rigorous standards of NASSCO MACP 7.0 Certification.

  17. Text Overlay: Automatically generate text overlays to enhance your data.

  18. Distance Tracking: Accurately measure distances with support for US Digital QSB counters.

  19. Well Inspection Template: Utilize the included well inspection template for comprehensive assessments.

  20. File Attachments: Attach any file type (PDF, Word, Images, Video, Spreadsheets) to your reports for comprehensive documentation.

  21. Tabular Reporting: Generate custom tabular reports summarizing multiple sessions for in-depth analysis.

  22. Localization: Support for localized language integration enhances usability.

  23. GIS Import: Easily import GIS data in CSV and DBF formats for comprehensive mapping.

  24. POSM Map Reader Integration: Initiate inspections seamlessly with POSM Map Reader.

  25. Cloud Enabled: Enjoy the convenience of cloud storage, ensuring data accessibility from anywhere.


The purpose of POSM Manhole Inspection Software is to streamline and enhance the efficiency of manhole inspections, ensuring strict compliance with NASSCO MACP standards. It offers robust customization options, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and the power to transform the way you assess manholes.


For inquiries and additional information, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let POSM Manhole Inspection Software elevate your manhole inspections to a new level of precision and efficiency.


POSM Manhole Interface


Owl Vision Systems Manhole Inspection System



Flat View or 360° Video of the Manhole


Flat View or 360 Video of the Manhole


360° Video Options


360 Video Options


All Fields and Tabs are Pre-labeled with their NASSCO MACP Manual Locations


All Fields and Tabs are Pre-labeled with their NASSCO MACP Manual Locations



Save Time by Loading GIS Asset Data from POSM MapReader Into the POSM Session





Custom MACP HTML Reports


Manhole Report


POSM Fault Report 01


POSM Fault Report 02


POSM Fault Report 03


Defect Header Report


Title Page Report





POSM Manhole