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 Our Flagship Inspection Application! 

Compatible With: Aries • Cues • Deep Trekker • Envirosite • IBAK • ID-Tec • MinCam • Rausch • Schroder • Subsite (formerly RST) • Trio-Vision • Vivax

Professional (or as we like to call it, POSM Pro) offers all our advanced features with the intuitive interface we’re known for. POSM Pro will bring more power, stability, and accuracy to your mainline, lateral, and manhole inspections. 

Here are just a few of the reasons 90% of all POSM customers go with POSM Professional:

Pro comes fully loaded with all available inspection features and modules. No guess work, no surprises. 
Pro is compatible with v7 NASSCO Templates.
Pro gives you complete control, with customizable on-screen overlays, reports, templates, and more. 
Pro includes a single license of POSM Workstation for entry-level video editing and storage. As your need video database needs become more complicated, we offer several tiers of video editing products to best fit your needs. POSM Pro grows as you grow!

Professional features:

    • Real-time interactive plotting with picture and clip support.
    • The most reliable POSM option for all truck crawlers.
    • Full integration with Rausch ScanCam pipe profiling and lateral launching.
    • Works on a rack-mount, notebook, or Windows tablet.
    • Supports computer generated text-to-speech, eliminating the need for manual microphone recording. 
    • Compatible with most Closed-Circuit TV systems.
    • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. 

Professional is compatible with:

NASSCO: National Association of Sewer Service Companies
LACP: Lateral Assessment Certification Program
MACP: Manhole Assessment Certification Program
PACP: Pipeline Assessment Certification Program

Read more about NASSCO here.

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Recommended Hardware For A Full System.

While POSM will run on almost all computers, it is recommend that a fast machine is used to optimize clip creation, video, and DVD creation. 

POSM recommends that you run its software on a dedicated desktop or laptop. If you don’t own a PC for this purpose, we’ll be happy to build a computer specific to your needs. Please allow up to three weeks for this process. Click here to contact customer service and begin.


  1. OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (x86 & x64).
    *Windows XP no longer supported.
  2. Memory: A minimum 4GB of RAM should be used.
  3. Hard Drive: Solid state drive recommended. Minimum SATA II required.
  4. CPU: Intel Core i5 or better.
  5. Live Video, Picture, Clip Capture, and Video Encoder: 
    POSM USB Video Encoder*.
  6. Text Overlay: Many text overlays supported. See Product Matrix for details.

*Sensoray USB Video Encoder required for field capture systems. Systems with other hardware configurations are no longer supported and will need to be upgraded to receive support.


  1. OS: Windows 10 x64 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise.
  2. Memory: 16GB+ of RAM.
  3. Hard Drive: 512GB+ solid state drive.
  4. CPU: Intel Core i7
  5. Live Video, Picture, Clip Capture, and Video Encoder: 
    POSM USB Video Encoder*.
  6. Text Overlay: Many text overlays supported. See Product Matrix for details.

*Sensoray USB Video Encoder required for field capture systems.

Note about Windows XP: We are able to, in most instances, keep older systems with POSM already installed, running on Windows XP. All POSM features are not guaranteed to work on Windows XP. For new installs, a minimum operating system version of Windows 7 is required.

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Click here for the POSM Change Log.

NASSCO PACP Certified SoftwareNASSCO MACP Certified SoftwareNASSCO LACP Certified Software

NASSCO v7 PACP, MACP, and LACP Certified Software.