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Discover POSM Office Software: Streamline Inspection Management with POSM Server, Storage, or Workstation


Office Software


Welcome to the world of efficient inspection management with POSM Office Software. Our suite of products, including POSM Server, POSM Storage, and POSM Workstation, empowers you to store, share, edit, and analyze inspection data seamlessly. Whether you need robust GIS integration, unlimited storage, or basic reporting capabilities, we have a solution tailored to your specific requirements.




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Store, Share, Manage All CCTV Data And Media With Two-Way GIS Exchange


POSM Server


POSM Server is your gateway to efficient management, sharing, and control of all your CCTV data and media through our Two-Way GIS Exchange. This robust platform seamlessly integrates with ESRI, Enterprise ESRI, and QGIS, ensuring a versatile solution that caters to your GIS preferences. Whether you're tracking inspection reports or viewing videos, our GIS integration simplifies your workflow.




POSM It Just Works


Compatible With: AWS  • Azure • Cartegraph • CityWorks • Dragonfly • Dropbox • Elements • Enterprise ESRI GIS • ESRI GIS • Hansen • Infor • iWorQ • Lucidity • Maximo • Power BI • QGIS • Vueworks




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Effortless Access To Inspection Data Via Your Web Browser


POSM Web Edit Observations Interface





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Integrate POSM Sewer Inspection Data with Asset Management Software


POSM City Asset Management Integration





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For Contractors And Cities That Don’t Need GIS Integration


Unlimited Simultaneous Users And Inspection Storage.

POSM Storage


Supports SQL and MS Access database formats and POSM Server Backup Tool. NASSCO v7 PACP, LACP, and MACP Certified.




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Basic Storage And Reports


POSM Workstation


Single User License To Import And Export Inspections, Edit Data, And Generate Reports. Everything you need to organize a small inspection database stored on a local hard drive. Workstation is limited to 2500 inspections. NASSCO v7 PACP, LACP, and MACP Certified.