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Office Software

Your Choices Come Down to Two Questions: How Big Is Your Digital Inspection Library and How Much Room Will You Need Going Forward?

For smaller contractors, we offer Workstation. Workstation adds basic session backup functionality accessible to a single user (limited to 2500 sessions). For larger companies, we offer POSM Storage for multi-user accessibility, greater capacity, and enhanced data retrieval, and POSM Server for Global Information System enhancement!



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Our Premier Storage System

POSM Server In Action

Organizes unlimited sessions and handles unlimited simultaneous users. Microsoft SQL Database offers optimal speed, no matter how large your database. Backed by POSM support staff to ensure your system runs efficiently.

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As Your Storage Needs Grow, POSM Grows With You

When POSM Workstation will no longer cut it, we offer this fantastic upgrade.

POSM Storage In Action

Handles limitless simultaneous users, saves unlimited sessions on a Microsoft Access Database. Not compatible with automatic GIS synchronization. Available with local servers, cloud servers or hybrid approaches.

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Entry-Level Storage at an Entry-Level Price.

Digital storage accessible to one user. Save, review, and edit up to 2500 sessions. Easy, instant storage upgrade whenever you’re ready.

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