About POSM Tech Support Team 

POSM Software has a very talented tech support team committed to serving you. They stand ready to offer fast and dependable solutions to whatever question or issue is holding you up. Most of our customer service is handled over the phone or through our remote support application. We’ll listen to you and offer you specific, personalized answers. We built POSM on the strength of our outstanding products and our helpful customer service. Our investment in technology and support has resulted in phenomenal growth through the years through satisfied customers and positive word of mouth, and we’re very proud of that. For the vast majority of glitches, we leverage "same-day superior solutions" and will get you running again with minimum downtime.

POSM utilizes enhanced tech support protocols to better serve you. The next time you contact POSM tech support for computer assistance, the support tech has the option to forward your issue to our entire team, so we can bring the full power of our POSM diagnostic expertise and customer support to evaluate your issue fast. Meet the POSM Tech Support Team.

M-F 9AM-6PM EST   •  Phone 859-274-0041

 The POSM Remote Support Application Is The Easiest Way To Start A Support Session 

Download, install and run the program from the link below. Fill in the required fields, then press the Connect button.

For Quickest Assistance Simply Run the Remote Support App To Get Started

 How To Connect To Remote Support 

One Time Support Session.

If you have obtained a PIN code, enter it here, then press Connect To Technician to start a remote support session.
Run the application, or download then run the application to proceed. Once the sessions starts, press the Ok button to allow access to your system.

Enter your 6-digit PIN code:


If you are having issues logging onto remote support troubleshooting information can be found on LogMeIn's site (the service we use for desktop sharing).