Get a FREE Asset Map!

If you are a POSM customer already running POSM Pro, we will build you a FREE asset map. It’s one of the perks we offer all our Pro customers. Not everyone knows this, so we're contacting all our customers this applies to so we can proactively get that done.

(IMPORTANT: The free map function requires that you provide GIS shape files. Regretfully, this means we may not be able to accommodate some cities.)

How do I Get a FREE Asset Map?
We make it really tough. You have to ask us.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, because our tech support is actively reaching out to customers to make them aware of this perk. But doing this is a long, involved process, so it’s probable we haven’t gotten to your company yet. All you have to do is show your interest in FREE things by proactively reaching out to us. We’ll let you cut in line and get it done.

Some advantages of the Map Reader asset map:

  • Makes it easier for operators to visually verify their location and the asset they are surveying.
  • Populates the inspection’s header information with the information from GIS.
  • Reduces errors from typos.
  • Makes it easier to match up field inspections to what they have in office.

Or put more simply, an asset map saves time and is extremely accurate.

Why You Should Do This
You already own POSM Pro, our “all options'' investigation package. Pro includes the Map Reader app, a robust mapping function that tracks pipeline assets such as manholes via GIS (Global Information System). Most of you who use Pro are also using POSM Storage for your video library (our mid-tier product).

Presumably, we figure you're sticking with Storage because you've never experienced the awesome capabilities of POSM Server. It updates asset information to all the records on file. Server allows you to push information from the Pro field truck back to GIS. We want you to experience it for yourself. So we'll create a FREE asset map with call-outs that your company will find incredibly useful, with no obligation to take any further action.

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Cards on the Table
Once you see the asset marking abilities of POSM Server in action, some of you will, upgrade from Storage to Server. Because you’ll realize your company will be better having it. And if so, our tech support will be happy to oblige.

Either way, contact us to get your FREE asset map to get started, with no obligation to do anything more. Just click here to contact our tech support and we’ll get you started.

Click here to contact our tech support to get a FREE Map today.

What is This? Why am I Here?
Did you click on this article by accident? Are you unfamiliar with POSM Software and why it’s the most Robust, User Friendly Software to Come Down the Pipe? (Our FAQ) Are you not entirely happy with the software you’re using but also not sure what your options are? Does this article sound interesting but you don’t know where to start?

How about clicking here to contact our tech support and ask about our FREE fully usable completely unlocked 60-Day no-obligation trial software. Then you, too, can come back later and figure out your best video storage option, and get us to build you a FREE map.