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Integrate POSM Sewer Inspection Data with Asset Management Software

POSM Software easily integrates with a variety of city asset management software platforms, enhancing the management and utilization of sewer inspection data. Direct integrations are available with leading platforms such as Cartegraph, CityWorks, IamGIS, Infor, and Hansen. The Cityworks Sync Tool allows users to synchronize POSM inspections with the Cityworks API, enabling the creation, access, and editing of inspections, as well as easy access to reports and videos. Additionally, POSM integrates with asset management software such as Elements, iWorQ, Lucidity, Maximo, and Vueworks by leveraging GIS data, which these platforms can readily access. This multifaceted integration approach ensures that cities can effectively manage and utilize their sewer inspection data across various software systems.

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Direct Integrations:
Cartegraph • CityWorks  IamGIS  Infor Hansen

Cityworks Sync Tool

Synchronize POSM Inspections With The Cityworks API

POSM Cityworks Sync Tool

Create, Access, And Edit POSM Inspections Using Cityworks

POSM Inspection Data Viewed Through Cityworks

Easily Access POSM Reports Through Cityworks

POSM Reports Viewed Through Cityworks

View POSM Inspection Videos In Cityworks

POSM Inspection Video Accessed Through Cityworks

Integrations Through GIS: 
Elements   iWorQ • Lucidity 
Maximo Vueworks