Project Information

Surveyor Name GCK Certificate Number U-210-10171
Owner   Customer  
Drainage Area TC11 PO Number 1618
Pipe Segment Reference TC11-M16-15 to TC11-M16-16 Date 03/02/2007 10:09
Street Otus St City City of POSM


Upstream MH TC11-M16-15 Rim to Invert (U) 0
Grade to Invert (U)   Rim to Grade (U)  
Downstream MH TC11-M16-16 Rim to Invert (D) 976
Grade to Invert (D)   Rim to Grade (D)  
Pipe Use Sanitary Sewage Pipe Direction of Survey Downstream


Height (Diameter) 8 Width  
Shape Circular Material Vitrified Clay Pipe
Lining Method   Pipe Joint Length  
Total Length 302.4 Length Surveyed 300.9
Year Constructed   Year Renewed  


Flow Control   Media Label 3-2-07
Purpose Pre-Rehabilitation Survey Consequence of Failure  
Pre-Cleaning Light Cleaning Date Cleaned  
Weather Dry Weather/Wet Ground Location Code Local rural streets with light traffic, town and city back streets, estate streets and curbside parking areas.
Additional Info   Location Details  


Custom 1 6 Custom 2 3
Custom 3 0 Custom 4 3
Custom 5 2 Custom 6 0
Custom 7 2 Custom 8 15
Custom 9 37 Custom 10 52


Reverse Setup ID   Sheet (Group) Number  
Imperial Units (US) True Pressure Value  
Work Order   Project TC11
Coating Method   Completed Yes

Insp Tech Used

CCTV Yes Laser No
Sidewall No Sonar No
Zoom No Other No


Inspection Status Complete Inspection    
Reviewed By   Reviewer Certificate Number  

Count Groups

Taps 6 Roots 3
Cracks / Fractures 0 Broken / Holes / Collapse 1
Deposits 2 Obstruction 0
Abandoned Survey 0    


Structure Peak Score 5 Structure Peak Grade 2
Structure Mean Score 0.02 Structure Mean Grade 1
Service Peak Score 8 Service Peak Grade 3
Service Mean Score 0.1 Service Mean Grade 1

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