POSM's Got Em: XBOB-4 Video Overlay

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at XBOB-4 Video Overlay Generators.

Decade Engineering Xbob4 Overlay Front View

The XBOB-4 (fourth generation manufactured by Decade Engineering) performs a single, vitally important function for pipe inspectors. It lets you overlay text on your video screen, and does so with a great deal of versatility.

Xbob Overlay Viewed In POSM Inspection Window

XBOB Video Overlay Text Onscreen with Distance in Lower Left Corner

You can type observations on the screen “live” during the inspection. Using POSM Software with the XBOB-4 gives you “text to speech" capability: you type it, the computer displays the text, and a voice speaks it! (Voice synthesis works through SAPI)

The XBOB-4 offers an additional feature beyond text functionality. The box is connected to your cable reel, so as the cable un-spools, the XBOB sends a pulse to your screen. The benefit of this is that the XBOB-4 tracks the distance as your crawler travels forward or backward along the pipe. When using POSM Software and an XBOB-4, our software has a process to re-calibrate the measurement whenever necessary, so distances are highly accuracy.

Xbob4 Overlay in POSM Inspection Window View 2

...the XBOB-4 tracks the distance as your crawler travels forward or backward along the pipe.

When using POSM with the XBOB-4, text is pre-set for video inspections to display white text against a black background. We did this so that the words are always easy to read, whether your video is very dark, very bright, or shifts radically during the inspection.


Xbob4 Overlay in POSM Inspection View 3

WORTH NOTING: After the inspection, POSM has its own handy video overlay feature that lets you or a team member add text to the observation photos.

The Decade Engineering video overlay model is the only XBOB-4 we sell. It supports multiple languages. Decade Engineering encases the electronics in a surprisingly durable plastic box that is more than tough enough for our industry. The box hooks into your system simply, with just a DC adapter, RS-232 serial cable, and video In/Out. We’ll add any cables and cords if you need them. You can order the Decade Engineering XBOB-4 directly from our shop for $750.00 by clicking here.

Every computer inspection system in our industry has a video overlay box, and it’s a good idea to keep a few extra boxes in storage. So if you need to restock, or most especially if you’re not happy with your video overlay, POSM’s GOT ‘EM! Boxes are delivered do-it-yourself or you can contact our technical support to get you started.