POSM Software Fully Compatible with Windows 11

Hey, remember a few years ago, when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be the last-ever operating system for PCs and laptops?

Well… they’ve changed their mind.

By now, you are probably seeing notices from Microsoft about the Windows 11 operating system. You probably have all sorts of questions about this, such as:

Should you upgrade your PC?

Or probably just as important…

CAN you upgrade your PC?

Let’s discuss what the Windows 11 launch means to your laptops and PCs that currently run POSM Software. Here are several important facts.
  • Our tech support recommends that your PCs and laptops running POSM Software should not run on an operating system any older than Windows 10 to ensure your systems are operating with access to maximum security and features.

  • However, our tech support will still continue to troubleshoot machines running earlier operating systems (such as Windows 7 or 8), but be aware that those earlier generation operating systems are already obsolete and will become increasingly problematic over time. The sooner you retire and replace those machines, the better. (We can help you with that. Click here).

  • Although Microsoft is pushing Windows 11, they will continue to support Windows 10 with patches and updates until 2025. This means if your computer is running Windows 10, you are under no pressure to take immediate action.

Here is a tough fact. Many of the PCs currently in service are not capable of upgrading to Windows 11. It’s probable that many of your computers in service will be unable to run the upgrade (especially if its build predates 2019). This makes the question of jumping to Windows 11 moot for about three years.

Many of the PCs currently in service are not capable of upgrading to Windows 11.

To find out if your computer is able to run the Windows 11 operating system, boot up the computer in question, click this link, and install the Microsoft PC Health Check app. This program will scan your system and return a simple evaluation in seconds.

POSM Tech Support recommends the following:

We really mean it. Back up your data before you update.

  • If your computer IS CAPABLE of running Windows 11, you may download the upgrade when it becomes available, but we recommend waiting a year or so to allow the “new release bugs” to be worked out. As stated above, backup your inspection data before your upgrade.

  • As stated above, Microsoft will continue to provide full support and security updates to Windows 10 until 2025. This means it’s fine to choose to do nothing for the next three years before it becomes an issue.

we recommend waiting a year or so to allow the “new release bugs” to be worked out.

  • If your computer is NOT capable of updating its operating system to Windows 11 (this will probably be true of most of your computers), you should anticipate that your computer will need to be replaced with a new one some time prior to 2025.

  • It turns out the rackmount we’ve built for our customers in the last 3 years are upgradeable to Windows 11. (Click here to read the details on how we will custom-build your next computer). We know how this works. At some point, sooner than later, all new PC builds will have Windows 11 pre-installed, and you’ll automatically be rolled over to the next generation operating system.

This brings us to the most important question: What adjustments will you need to make to run POSM Software on a Windows 11 machine?

We have some good news.

POSM Software has been thoroughly tested on Windows 11. Our software is 100% compatible, and you should not experience any changes in its functionality or efficiency when you upgrade your operating system.

POSM Software is 100% Compatible with Windows 11

SO IMPORTANT WE’RE EMPHASIZING IT A THIRD TIME: Make sure your POSM data is backed up prior to upgrading your system. After the update is complete, our techs can help ensure that POSM is set up and tested. If you need assistance updating your computer, you can contact tech support.

Also remember that, if your annual tech support subscription is up-to-date, expert help on a new install is just a phone call away! And if you require it, we’ll help you prolong the life of your computers running older operating systems for as long as possible.

If you’re unfamiliar with POSM Software and saw this post on social media, or you’re currently unhappy with your current pipeline inspection program package, contact our tech support to download our FREE completely unlocked 60-Day Trial Software.