Windows 7 and POSM 10X

Amazing how time flies when you’re taking care of business. Take those Windows 7 computers still running older versions of POSM. Sure, if your POSM tech support agreement is current, all the upgrades are free and readily available, but the process takes a few hours, so you put it off. First a few days, then a few weeks, which turn into months.

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Can you put if off any longer?

Microsoft announced that the software company will stop supporting Windows 7 by January 2020. Here’s their page devoted to the topic.

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Among other tips, Microsoft suggests purchasing a new computer to take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities. It also warns that, once support ends, computers running Windows 7 will be vulnerable to security breaches, leaving your systems open to hacking, malware, and a variety of other unpleasant things. And even more concerning, the NSA is now recommending that all laptops should be updated ASAP.

For our part, POSM 10X, the latest version of POSM Software, runs optimally on Windows 10. (Yes, both programs happen to be “Version 10”; it’s just a coincidence.) POSM 10X will run on Windows 7, but to ensure that your system can run all the latest features in POSM 10X with maximum efficiency, speed, and security, your PC or laptop should be running Windows 10. And if it’s not, NOW is a great time to contact our technical support and remedy that.

POSM’s Recommendation

If you haven’t yet, click here to contact our tech support to schedule an appointment to download your FREE upgrade so we can update you to the latest features. (Also, we send you a FREE T-shirt for upgrading.) POSM 10X’s latest features include:

  • 100% compatible with the latest NASSCO templates*, including Version 7 for PACP, LACP, and MACP.
  • Optimized top to bottom for Windows 10.
  • The most stable, responsive, and user-friendly POSM.
  • FREE and seamless install for ALL our business partners with an active service contract.

*NASSCO 7 templates are not available for POSM Lite. To upgrade from your Lite service, contact POSM Tech Support.)

The Consequences of Not Upgrading

We're already seeing problems on our side. Just this week (as of this writing June 2019) POSM's tech support worked several days on a Server update for a client.

What was the problem? Our client is still running SQL on Windows 7. The last update for this Server was in 2016, and we can rule out any further updates coming. It took some time, but our talented tech team got the Server running again. The workaround solution was.... complicated.

As time goes on and Windows abandons its support of Windows 7 in favor of Windows 10, updates and workarounds will get more involved. Security issues will become more of a concern. Whatever quibbles we may have with Microsoft and Windows 10, POSM's official recommendation in most cases is to upgrade your operating system now.

On the Other Hand, If You Don’t Upgrade, We're Still Here For You

We understand that internally it might not make sense for isolated, stable inspection laptops to abandon Windows 7. Rest assured POSM Software will continue to run on Windows 7 and support the OS. Our tech support will continue to provide its expertise to ALL of our customers with valid support contracts to help keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

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So if you’ve been waiting for the best time to assess your computers, that time is now. Contact our tech support today. Our service professionals can:

Contact our tech support today so we can help you optimize your hardware to run far beyond January 2020.