Using POSM on your Home Laptop

POSM at Support Desk

Wow! So here we are in the thick of it. One day you’re in the office minding your business, that is, using POSM to audit inspections and generate reports, and the next thing you know, you can’t come in and are told to self-quarantine. Maybe you didn’t bring a dongle home (or your company doesn’t have that option). Maybe the computers are company property and they need to stay on the property.

It’s just you and your personal laptop, and days with nothing to do but load up the newest levels of your favorite video game and--

Hold on there. Not so fast. You didn’t really think it would be that easy, did you?

POSM Remote Support Icon

POSM Software is crisis-proofed, which is to say, our entire staff of tech support is already set up to work from home as needed, so they are available to serve you Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM EST.You can reach them by clicking this link. And if they gotta work, it seems only fair that you gotta work, too.

“But POSM,” you say, “my company would never agree to purchase extra copies of the software to run on my home computer.” Believing your flawless logic closes the matter, you’d start to fire up those new levels.

But we’re not done here. Pump your brakes. You’ll have plenty of time to earn those achievements later. Remember that 60-Day Fully Functional FREE Trial we almost always mention at the end of every blog? (It's true. Go check out every blog on the site to be sure. I'll wait.)

...our entire staff of tech support is already set up to work from home as needed

Fortunately for you (ha!) we can install the FREE Trial onto any computer with internet access. (Are you reading this? Then you have internet access.) And we’re happy to install the FREE Trial onto any computer, any time, especially if your company is already a paying customer in good standing.

Yes, the idea of the FREE Trial was to entice the curious to give our program a fair chance, but it doesn’t have to be. To get to the point, you can install the FREE Trial on whatever computer you have at home and continue business-as-usual (or as close as you can get under the circumstances). can install the FREE Trial on whatever computer you have at home...

Simply click here to contact our tech support, which is still operated by actual people who are self-quarantined and standing by ready to assist you. Tell them which company you are with, that you are also self-quarantined, and you would like to have the POSM Free Trial installed on your home computer for the duration of… however long this lasts.

Some things to know about the POSM FREE Trial:

  • Best installed on a fairly new PC or Laptop running Windows 10
  • If this isn’t possible, our tech support can help with that
  • Our tech support will install the software using the mobile session option at this link
  • Installs in minutes
  • Once installed, the POSM Free Trial will run the same as your company computer for 60 DAYS
  • You may need to contact your company to set up your computer to their firewall

And that’s it! You can continue to audit inspections and generate reports as needed, just like you’re working in the office. (We knew you’d be pleased!) And even better, should the situation remain unchanged, we can unlock your trial for an additional 60 days. But let’s hope it won’t come to that.

You’re welcome! And good luck on those video game achievements.