A Closer Look: POSM Technical Support

Available Monday to Friday, 7 AM - 7 PM EST
Call us at 859-274-0041

S. Andrew Seidel, Tech Support and V.P. of Electronic HardwareS. Andrew Seidel, Tech Support and V.P. of Electronic Hardware

The purchase of any POSM Software includes one-year access to our technical support service. At the end of the year, you are not required to renew your support. Accordingly, we are not obligated to service customers once their service contract has expired. But don't worry.

Customers can renew their technical support contract at any time by calling us at 859-274-0041.

But why do we charge an annual fee for our technical support? Let's take "A Closer Look".

Our technical support contract fees enable us to hire professional staff to service our clients. As a small company, we cannot sustain the level of excellence and timely response our customers need and expect without charging for this service.

Our technical support staff brings years of field experience in our industry. Each member brings with them an in-depth knowledge of computers, networks, and databases, and utilizes real-world expertise on POSM Software specifically.

Advantages of the support contract include:

  • Remote and phone computer support;
  • Software updates;
  • Customized reports;
  • License transfers:
    • When moving an existing installation to a new computer
    • When a truck is sold to another customer
    • When installing a new Sensoray
  • GIS to POSM Exchange with POSM Map Reader; and
  • Access codes to our website for update files.

POSM Staff Robert Katter Performing CCTV InspectionThe goal of our technical support staff is to eliminate your down time by keeping your computers and software running at peak efficiency. The better your computer runs, the better POSM runs, so we strive to fully optimize any computer running our software. Among other services, we install Windows updates and device drivers, and we troubleshoot problems that degrade system performance.

For POSM Server customers, we assist users with the import and export of their GIS data. We also assist or create maps for inspection customers to use. Our technicians can create or assist you with SQL database queries, updates, and changes.

We can also help you organize, manage, and convert your inspection data so you can share it in the most efficient manner possible.

Our technical support staff is based in the United States and brings years of field experience in our industry.

For those that need it, and if feasible, we can create new, custom features into POSM that address the specific needs of your company.

Call us today to discuss the possibilities at 859-274-0041 or click here to use our support app.