Useful Apps: POSM Report Editor

POSM Software has built in an extremely useful tool called the POSM Report Editor that lets users customize their reports. While we love to report about new features and program changes, this particular function has been a part of the core program for years. Still, it’s possible that many of our customers still don't know about this quick and easy report customization tool, so let’s remedy that.

POSM Report Editor.

Report View

POSM Report.

Every company (and every company’s client) wants to prioritize different elements of an inspection, which is why we knew early on that our software needed an easy, robust Report Editor so you can create as many versions of your report as you need. Our GUI interface makes it easy to point and click on any inspection item in the report to either move it or remove it. More confident users can skip over the GUI interface and hand-code the report templates directly.

Either way, it’s super easy (and we think super-cool) to use the report editor to customize as many versions as you need and keep them all saved to quickly call up as needed.  

Using the Report Editor is easy. After you open the software:

  • Open the Database Template Editor function
  • Select the template you want to modify
    • 10 rows on every page
  • Match the field number from the report editor that matches the data you want to display. 

Go to our online interactive button manual for more details.

We’ve made report customization as easy as possible for your convenience, but if you need a refresher or a short training session on the Report Editor, you can contact our tech support and they can talk you through the process.  

If you’re unfamiliar with our software and are curious to learn more, or if you want to try our FULLY UNLOCKED 60-Day No Obligation Trial Software (including the report editor), click here to talk to our tech support

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