Vivax Push Camera in Action
vCam LogoPOSM vCam is an upgraded version of POSM Portable that is 100% compatible with the vCam push camera overlay and footage counter.
The upgrade brings Pro-like features to Portable. Operating a vCam push camera while running the POSM overlay ensures that more detailed information will be automated compared to running the vCam interface included with the camera.

One of the key benefits of the POSM vCam overlay is that the program automatically time stamps and notes the footage in the software and on the video. Whenever a tech adds an observation, this automation makes it easy for users to review and pinpoint the most important points of an inspection. Our overlay also enhances text-to-screen observations. This level of automated cross-referencing means that repair crews will never miss an important observation.

Vivax vCam SystemPerhaps the most exciting enhancement is that the POSM vCam gives users the ability to make MACP, PACP, and LACP inspections with a push cam, and with the same connectivity to an overlay as POSM Pro.

Bottom line: the POSM vCam overlay lets you collect and share much more from a basic push camera inspection than you ever expected, with incredible flexibility, accuracy, and automation.

POSM vCam gives users the ability to make MACP, PACP, and LACP inspections with a push cam...

The POSM vCam overlay is 100% compatible with the entire line of vCam push cameras manufactured by Vivax Metrotech, most notably the current models the and the vCam MX2.

The vCam-6 HD camera system (image to the left) is an update of the popular vCam-5 range. The vCam-6 gives you full 1080 pixels HD picture quality for crisp, detailed HD video inspections. Putting in a full day of work is easy with the four-hour battery life and charging on-the-go.

The vCam MX2 is a portable all-in-one mini CCTV inspection system for viewing the internal condition of pipes, conduits, ducts and similar tubes between 25 and 100 mm diameter. The control module houses a daylight-viewable LCD screen which displays the images from the remote camera, attached to the flexible pushrod. The system saves video and photos directly to a USB thumb drive, and can be instantly backed up to an SD card. The internal microphone allows the user to add audio commenting to highlight sections of the video. Two camera heads are available and interchangeable by the user in the field.

If your company needs to do more with your vCam push camera inspections but you’re being held back (or if you just want to learn more about POSM vCam) contact our tech support to help get you set up. Then be prepared to do more with your push camera inspections than you ever anticipated.

Thanks for listening. Now check out the cool promotional poster we created for Vivax' use.

POSM Vivax Integration Poster