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POSM Software will be present and mingling at the 2019 WWETT Show, the largest water and wastewater industry convention in the country, Feb 21-23 at the Indiana Convention Center located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. If you can’t find us wandering the floor, you might find POSM Software staff at the Rausch USA booth (No. 2416) on and off throughout the weekend. The techs at Rausch USA will be demonstrating our POSM Pro with the NEW Rausch Panomorph PureView SD and RCA 4.0 Full HD cameras (details below). You can interact with our software as it simulates an actual inspection.

Rausch PureView Camera HeadIt’s been an amazing year for POSM. We’re looking forward to catching up with our partner companies in the industry and discussing how we can continue to best serve your needs. Among our announcements:

POSM alongside Rausch USA will launch the Panomorph PureView SD Camera (shown to the right) at Rausch’s booth during the WWETT Show. The PureView is the most robust version of the Panamorph 360, and connects to the Rausch L135 mainline inspection crawler. The PureView is a modular upgrade to any existing Rausch L135 system.

Why you need a PureView SD

Panamorph lenses offer a truly enhanced point-of-view In digital video with unparallelled quality. Detecting cracks and defects is now easier than ever!

POSM Pro’s data tracking features combined with state-of-the-art 360° “pipe unwrapping” digital imagery let you see what you’ve been missing in a crystal-clear, unique video perspective. Amazing clarity--over 1000 horizontal pixels per image from an analog source!

  • A Panomorph inspection with the PureVIew SD is far simpler than a typical mainline inspection.
  • POSM Panomorph software creates a PDF of the run using a “360° Pipe Unwrapping” view (see image below) and provides a virtual pan and tilt, flat view, overview, and video view.
  • The PureView records and plays back at 30 frames per second, records the flat pipe, and operates like a conventional CCTV inspection camera to spot infiltration in motion.
  • Perform the live inspection the way you’re used to, then convert the inspection to Panamorph “unwrapping” view for the edit!

POSM 360 Unwrapped Pipe Illustration

PureView SD requires POSM Pro or similar higher tier software.

POSM 360 Unwrapped Pipe

POSM Software is 100% compatible with all Rausch USA products, including:

Rausch Mobile Pro UnitRausch Mobile Pro

MOBILE Pro: Rausch’s All-in-One mainline CCTV inspection system that fits in an ATV. Includes cable reel and built-in 12” monitor with dual joystick control. A customized overlay for the MOBILE Pro is included on POSM within the core program.

Rausch HD CameraNEW RAUSCH RCA 4.0 Full HD Camera, the only full HD camera in the industry! Fully compatible with POSM Pro, a customized overlay for Full HD is part of the core program.

POSM also comes loaded with custom overlays for these Rausch products: ScanCam, Lateral Launcher, Mainline Camera KS135, and Kampac. POSM and Rausch USA: Piping Perfected.

NOTE: PureView SD, ScanCam and Kampac overlays require a FREE app add-on.

Swing by the Rausch USA booth (#2416) during the WWETT Show for a demonstration.

We’re also excited about our new POSM cloud options, POSM SQL and POSM GIS tested to be faster, safer, more secure, and more reliable than ever.

POSM CloudStore your data in the cloud. No special hardware required, “virtually” everything you need in a server:

  • Economic options.
  • Sync all inspection systems and edit locally and remotely.
  • Information automatically backed up, offsite, on one of the most secure servers technology offers.
  • Using Smart Sync, local trucks can access all inspections and edits without using local disk space.
  • Your data is stored locally for fast edits and automatically synced to the cloud.
  • A simple-to-use interface your operators will pick up fast.

We recommend that any contractor currently using POSM Workstation upgrade to one of our new, improved, more flexible Office options. In fact, here’s a blog we posted all about that topic.

If you can’t wait until Feb 21 to learn all about our newest products, click here to reach our tech support. Or if you want to schedule a meeting during the WWETT Show, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

POSM Staff at WWETT Show

POSM POSSE Matt Coleman, Gene Katter, and Bob Katter

So who’s going to the 2019 WWETT Show? Sound off in the comments on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and we look forward to seeing you there!