Rackmount Computer

POSM Builds Rackmounts with EQUUS

Here's Why!

POSM Software runs on most recent operating systems, but if you don’t have a dedicated computer, or you need to upgrade the one you have, POSM will build a brand-new, super reliable, built-for-the-road rackmount computer for you, and by POSM will build it, we mean we’ll customize an EQUUS.

Rackmount Computer view 2

Behold the EQUUS Rackmount computer. Includes three-year on-site warranty. 32 GB DDR4 RAM. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. 24X SATA DVDRW disc drive. 2.4 Ghz WiFi adapter.

Rackmounts are available for purchase on our shop page.

Why do we use EQUUS exclusively for our rackmount builds over the many potential computer companies out there?

We’ve been doing this a long time. Over the years, we’ve tested many companies. And yes, “tested” means we’ve taken them on the road and beat them up, while performing real work with them.

Your rackmount needs to be an EQUUS.

Let’s start with something we don’t need to tell you (but it makes a point). Any computer in our line of work is going to take some serious abuse. It’s going to end up in the back of a van or the trunk of a car; you will put some serious literal miles on it. Your computer’s going to get bumped and jostled, be expected to function during temperature extremes, and it’s probably gonna get smeared with a lot of... let’s go with “soil.” And at the end of the day, or even the week, taking time to clean the computer might not be high on your priority list.

A truck rackmount that runs crawlers takes serious abuse, so it needs to be built to take serious abuse. Your rackmount needs to be an EQUUS. Either that, or you will have to be ready to replace your computer often. In our experience, that’s just the reality.

Rackmount Computer View 3
WiFi range-extending antennas, two serial ports and HDMI video out

Building with EQUUS
So if you decide to order a new computer build, contact us by clicking on this tech support link and have us build it for you. It’s a three-step process.

From a short conversation with one of our friendly IT specialists, we’ll determine your needs.

  • We contact EQUUS on your behalf.
  • They ship the computer to us.
  • We’ll setup POSM and test everything.
  • Your computer shows up on your doorstep (allow up to six weeks).

All warranties related to the computer remain with EQUUS (though we can help you facilitate any repairs).

Rackmount Computer View 4
4U Rackmount Case

Solid State Hard Drive in Rackmount Computer
4 TB Solid State Hard Drive

When we create your build, we will ensure your rackmount arrives with the latest state-of-the-art components (which change frequently, since EQUUS keeps up with the latest breakthroughs) that best fit your needs. It will be built to take the sort of serious wear and tear this industry can dish out and continue to operate smoothly over the next several years.

If something goes wrong, EQUUS will fix it under a generous warranty repair.

Power Supply in Rackmount Computer
Upgraded Power Supply

Warranty, Troubleshooting, and Repairs

No company, no matter how rigorous the quality control, gets it perfect every single time (don’t we know it!). And every now and then, something breaks loose or goes wrong.

CPU in Rackmount Computer
Intel Core i9 CPU

We have some recommendations before you contact EQUUS for a warranty repair that will smooth out the process:

  • Have your serial number handy. (It’s located on the front or top of your computer. See the photo right below these bullets.)
  • Create a system image backup of your computer.
  • Perform a system restore on your computer.

Serial Numbr Sticker in Rackmount Computer
EQUUS serial number used for on-site warranty support

POSM will help you with all of these options. Click here and use your favorite tech support option to contact us. If you prefer to handle it all yourself, contact EQUUS and tell them you purchased the rackmount through us. Here's how:\

  • Their website is www.equuscs.com . You can order everything through their menus.
  • Or from the same website, you can chat live with a sales rep.
  • Or call EQUUS directly: 800-641-1475.

Problems are rare, but when they occur, EQUUS will often send a repair technician to your location to handle the repair (which sounds a lot like another service-oriented tech company).

POSM Software recommends EQUUS computer products over any other rackmount builder as the toughest, most reliable machines on the market, with a customer service almost as terrific as ours.

...the toughest, most reliable machines on the market...

When we order the build for your computer, we know that EQUUS will deliver a product designed to run at optimal efficiency for years to come, and most importantly, built tough for our industry. Contact us to learn more about our system builds.