POSM 10X Compatible with NASSCO Version 7 Templates

Great news! POSM, the simplest, most robust inspection technology to come down the pipe, has launched POSM 10X, its latest software upgrade. POSM 10X is now live and ready for you to update.

Whether you run Professional, Portable, Workstation, Storage, SQL or GIS,POSM 10X will now be 100% compatible with all NASSCO templates, including Version 7 for PACP, LACP, and MACP. (NASSCO 7 templates are not available for Lite. To upgrade from your Lite service, contact POSM Support.)

POSM 10X Application Banner

Along with enhanced template compatibility, we've optimized this new version from top to bottom to make POSM 10X the most stable, responsive, and user-friendly POSM experience yet. And as always, POSM interface will continue to run on the same computers you're already using. Simply schedule an update and we'll take care of the rest.

To ensure a seamless process, we'll install the update for ALL our business partners with an active service contract on request. Unlike some of our competitors, we've never forced our customers to pay extra for an upgrade, nor will we demand a new license for the NASSCO template update, and we aren't about to start now. Accordingly, all customers that maintain their support will receive our latest technology. Click here to contact our customer service to schedule your upgrade to POSM 10X today.