PipeCheck Founder Credits POSM's "Beyond Out-of-the Box" Service

Brian Gibson at Rausch Inspection VanBrian Gipson started PipeCheck, LLC in Bowling Green, KY, in 2009 with Rausch inspection equipment and POSM Software. He’s never thought twice about that decision. He chose Rausch for the superior performance and laser profiling capabilities vital to his work, and POSM because “Bob [Katter, founder of POSM] had done the important research with Rausch, and he was the only one who offered a fully integrated package that worked seamlessly with it.”

PipeCheck LogoPipeCheck is now known in the industry as a small but highly technical, detailed, and accurate inspection company. With only three employees, their closed-circuit TV inspection fleet serves the infrastructure needs of companies and municipalities, primarily throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. Each team has integrated systems to complete an entire project on its own. Brian says, “I do a little bit of everything, we’re a small company, but our inspectors are highly trained workers I can count on.” The company’s equipment includes two vans with Rausch crawlers, a mobile unit on a John Deere Gator, and a large combination water Jet/Vac truck.

“Our teams typically work for a primary contractor,” Brian explained. “We also work directly with municipalities and frequently work with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Our work is in high demand across the United States.”

One of PipeCheck’s specialties is the vitally important task of inspecting new pipe immediately after it’s been installed. The company serves as quality control to ensure that the pipe maintained its integrity during installation and that the work is up to spec. Clients also rely on PipeCheck to confirm the integrity of pipes that have been in the ground for years, whether five, ten, fifteen… “we’ve examined the integrity of pipe over a hundred years old,” Brian said. “Our clients know they can count on us for thorough investigations that will confirm the safety and integrity of the pipes.”

Our work is in high demand across the United States.

Rausch ScanCam
Rausch Laser Profiler.

PipeCheck uses laser profiling, an inspection method that can detect the smallest flaws and defects that other inspection methods may miss. This "three in one" method uses spinning laser profiling technology that:

  1. works well with closed circuit TV
  2. precisely measures pipe diameter, deflection, and deformation and
  3. provides highly accurate crack and joint measurement.

Laser profiling offers a quick and easy setup that allows inspectors to record direct and highly accurate measurements. Click here to read Brian's detailed breakdown of the method.

laser profiling, an inspection method that can detect the smallest flaws and defects that other inspection methods may miss.

The method is vital for detecting a flaw and offering a plan to repair. “Our work for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is all highway, and we inspect all-new piping. We use laser profiling to see if the pipes have been compressed during installation, or if any other damage occurred that may compromise the engineering load of the pipe.” As mentioned earlier, Rausch’s laser profiling equipment is, in Brian’s estimation, the best in the industry, and POSM Software works exceptionally well with Rausch equipment.

Brian in Rausch Inspection VehicleBrian says the combination of Rausch and POSM make it easier for his engineers to do their job and ultimately armed them with the tools that assisted in his company's success. “A few years into our partnership, Bob and I collaborated on the first-ever manual on using POSM and Rausch laser profiling. I met Bob twice in Europe, where he worked directly with Rausch to get new items updated and integrated into POSM.”

POSM support goes far beyond its software. “Bob wrote new subroutines into the software to address the specific needs of our customers. For instance, one energy company has specific ways they like the documents presented, so Bob wrote an update to address that. Bob also designed a new recording subroutine so it matched how the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet preferred it. As far as I know, it was a custom rewrite specifically for the Cabinet. Bob is very responsive to addressing those sorts of requests, where a software out of the box wouldn’t necessarily fit the bill.”

...the combination of Rausch and POSM make it easier for his engineers to do their job...

PipeCheck is a company that its clients count on to provide high-end inspections. Brian Gipson started with Rausch equipment paired with POSM Software. “I can’t imagine changing. Their efforts to maintain the personal relationship means as much as the quality of the software.” PipeCheck is a member of ASTM International.

If you need a software partner that offers “beyond out-of-the-box” solutions on which you can build your company’s expertise, click here to contact POSM Software and start our 60-Day no-obligation FREE trial!

Rausch ScanCam 3D View Rausch ScanCam Pipe Profile

3D pipe information collected using Rausch Laser Profiler.

Rausch ScanCam Horizontal Deviation Report from POSM

Pipe profile information displayed in POSM report.