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POSM Software Sage Dinse

Sage Dinse

POSM Tech Support

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Sage Dinse joined the ever-growing POSM Tech Support team in late June 2020. He brings with him eight years of customer service and management experience, six in the produce/groceries and two in the pets industry. He also entertained at events as a clown alter ego where he rode on a unicycle and juggled to the delight (and possible trauma) of local children.

Sage Dinse Clown

His education includes an Associate of Science from Columbus State Community College.

POSM Tech Support Andrew Seidel and Sage are close friends. Andrew recommended Sage for the position. Sage was most interested in applying his customer support experience in a more technical area. Now a few months later, Sage says he most enjoys that “each and every call can completely challenge and change my understanding of how POSM works.”

When asked about his personal life and hobbies, Sage replied, “I have one dog, two cats, two tarantulas, a lizard, and a lovely girlfriend named Eden that keep me company in our home. I love everything outdoors, and spend the majority of my free time foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms. If I can’t get outside, I like to make music with my modular synthesizer.”

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