New Hire Spotlight

POSM GIS Specialist Octavio

Octavio Pereira

West Coast Tech Support/GIS Specialist

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Octavio Pereira is no stranger to infrastructure development. His previous experience includes working with the Inter-American Development Bank in Central America on the United Nations Development goals for Universal Access to Energy. “In the last five years, I worked on regional and rational energy development plans in Central America. I specialized in geostatistical analysis, reviewing and designing national electrification programs to ensure universal access.”

Octavio joined the POSM team in July 2020. “I love to work in GIS and be a part of an international growing firm that challenges my professional skills.” Octavio quickly became adept at the MapReader/GIS functions of our software, and he quickly established himself as one of our experts. “POSM is like a family, you feel supported from the beginning.

“My daily routine includes assisting customers with resolving GIS problems; sessions for clients to upgrade to POSM Server with GIS; answering questions via video call about POSM GIS benefits; demo-ing GIS issues inside ArcMap/ ArcGIS Pro; sessions to implement connection between POSM, SQL Server and ArcMap/ ArcGIS; creating sewer system POSM Map Readers in esri ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro; and creating sewer maps from scratch to help clients upgrade to 2-way GIS.”

His past experience proved a huge advantage in his new role. “A sewer system map and an electrical system map look the same. Lampposts could be manholes and pipelines could be electricity lines. The only difference is one transports water and the other electricity.”

Octavio earned a BS in Economics and Finance from Thomas More University. His hobbies include fishing, kayaking, reading and playing soccer.

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