POSM Software 100% Compatible with Cues K2 Overlay

Since 2019, POSM 10X has been 100% compatible with the latest Cues K2 Overlay (and many of the older overlays) and is directly compatible with Cues system equipment.

Before then, users of POSM Software’s inspection software bypassed the K2 and used an XBOB-4 for text overlay and distance counting. This setup required purchasing a buffer kit cable and an additional overlay.

Cues K2 Overlay

But there is no more need for these add-ons! Our POSM Pro and POSM Lite inspection products are 100% compatible with the Cues K2 Overlay. This means:

  • All downloads of POSM Pro and POSM Lite automatically include 100% built-in K2 integration.
  • If your XBOB setup is working, it’s not necessary to switch immediately, but all current POSM Pro and POSM Lite users who have K2 Overlays who would like to switch can do so any time by clicking here to contact our tech support and schedule a FREE software update to their computers. We’ll also instruct you on how to properly disconnect your current setup.
  • Once the upgrade has been successfully installed, the XBOB-4 and special hookup will no longer be required for POSM to be fully integrated with the K2 Overlay!

If you have POSM Software but have no Cues equipment in your fleet, there’s no immediate need to schedule a software update. However, if you were hesitant about adding Cues equipment because of the POSM compatibility workaround, then this is good news! You can update the software FREE at any time to add the K2 overlay functionality whenever you need it.

100% built-in K2 integration.

Cues K2 Overlay viewed in POSM Inspection Window

Cues K2 Overlay compatibility is just tone upgrade from POSM Software to make our product the most robust, user-friendly software to come down the pipe! If you’re running a Cues truck, and you’ve never before tried POSM Software, now’s the time to check us out! Contact our tech support and schedule a FREE 60-DAY NO OBLIGATION Trial of POSM Pro today!

DID YOU KNOW: We also offer a POSM USB Video Encoder (Sensoray)! Click here to learn more!