POSM Works With Cityworks

Great news for contractors and city engineers that use POSM Software and Cityworks! POSM has refined its software so it’s easier than ever to sync POSM CCTV inspections into the Cityworks SQL Database. And chances are, the POSM Cityworks Sync Tool is already a part of the POSM Software running on your computer.

POSM Cityworks Interface

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Cityworks has a goal to unify GIS technologies for the 21st century, and is used by over 650 infrastructure clients nationally. Many cities and municipalities now require contractors to use the platform, and with good reason. Fortunately, contractors who use POSM don’t have to choose. Customers that use POSM Server and POSM Storage (our two full-feature Office products) can already merge the platforms.

Contractors have been able to sync POSM inspections with Cityworks for a few years. Bob Katter, co-founder of POSM Software, recently created an improved Cityworks tool included with POSM 10X. The upgrade offers engineers who merge POSM Software CCTV sewer inspections with the platform a hands-down optimal experience, with flexibility and customization not found anywhere else. POSM has thoroughly tested the newest Sync Tool with various contractors in several major cities to incredible results, and we’re rolling it out for more.

City Works Interface View 2The Cityworks Sync Tool was created specifically for contractors that need to merge their POSM CCTV investigations with Cityworks, but Katter emphasized that the Sync Tool includes many functions that will make the jobs of POSM users a lot easier. “Integrating with Cityworks enables people to manage accounting, planning, and job execution, all while they directly communicate with POSM Software sessions.”

The Sync Tool allows POSM, GIS, and Cityworks to all talk directly to each other, so POSM inspection data can merge with the program and seamlessly populate its database and GIS map. Afterwards, that data becomes accessible to all users.

City Works Interface View 3POSM 10X, with its Cityworks Sync Tool, integrates fully with NASSCO V7 templates. For contractors that never use NASSCO, the Sync Tool includes an array of customizable templates, giving users the ability to create files that report exactly what they need to know. In an industry where every client prefers their reports in a specific format, that’s a huge timesaver.

Let’s look a little closer “under the hood” of the Sync Tool.

  • To ensure that POSM inspection sessions sync, you simply match the AssetID for the pipe inspection with the Pipe_IDs assigned by Cityworks. Using POSM Map Reader and POSM Server GIS Tools ensures these IDs always match.
  • POSM Server combines with the POSM Map Reader to confirm the GIS location at the start of the inspection. The GIS Export Tool double-checks all the data, even if the inspection wasn't originally performed through POSM. No matter what program you initially used, you can run the Sync Tool and know that all inspections will be properly linked.
  • The Cityworks Sync Tool will also auto run this report every day and append the NOGISMatch.txt file.
  • You can create a different mapping template for each type of inspection: PACP, LACP and MACP, respectively.
  • The Tool’s WorkOrder special field allows you to pre-load the Work Order number into the session and link back to Cityworks so everything stays connected. To use this tool, simply enter the SQL connection data for the Cityworks database.
  • You can also export push inspections from Cityworks to POSM for use in the POSM Map Reader. Inspections in Map Reader use simple color coding. Purple piping means a segment has not been inspected; as the inspection commences, the path turns green in “real time.” At the end of the inspection, any segment not traveled is shown in yellow.
  • The inspection data, the video, and the POSM HTML report can all be transferred and viewed in Cityworks.

...the [Cityworks] Sync Tool includes many functions that will make the jobs of POSM users a lot easier.

Any contractor that utilizes Cityworks should seriously consider trying POSM 10X for your inspection software. This is true especially if you’re unhappy with the interaction of your current investigation software. But even if you think everything is fine, we're confident our product offers the greatest flexibility and functionality at a value that meets or beats any competitor, with features you didn’t even know you were missing. Contact us today at 859-274-0041 or click here to schedule a free demonstration and a no-obligation FREE 60-day trial.

If you’re already running POSM and you’re not sure you’re getting the most out of the Cityworks Sync Tool, call our tech support Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST at 859-274-0041 or click here to set up a remote session.