Pipeline Services Company "Champion"s POSM Software

CCSI LogoChampion (CCSI) is a nationwide pipeline company that specializes in inspection, repair, and cleaning services. Champion is comprised of four divisions - Industrial Cleaning, HVAC Duct Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning and Crossbore inspections. Its corporate office is in Cincinnati, OH with a satellite office in California.

According to Lincoln Stephenson, VP of Operations and Business Development, Champion has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1982, with a surge in the early 2000s when they added Crossbore inspections to their offerings. Today, crossbore inspections represent the majority of Champion’s business.

Lincoln says POSM had a lot to do with that.

Crossbores refer to a potentially dangerous situation where one underground utility pipe (typically newly laid) intersects with a second utility (typically established pipe not detected during install) resulting in an impact between the pipes that compromises the integrity of the infrastructure. Read all about POSM’s unique Crossbore Tools here.

Gas and Sewer Pipe Crossbore IllustrationCrossbore inspection and repair planning is a niche area of pipeline service. When one of those compromised utility pipes is a gas line, the result is potentially dangerous, and requires an inspection by highly skilled technicians to ensure a detailed mapping of the problem with a minimal disturbance of the site to plot a safe repair.

These days, crossbore prevention and inspection is the service most requested by their customers. Lincoln estimates their client base is well over 50% natural gas utility companies or vendors for the gas utility, companies motivated to prevent crossbores where-ever they can, and where they can’t, “we’re brought in to minimize the disruption.”

Lincoln explained, “After an inspection, POSM's Crossbore Tools help us sort through potentially minutes or hours of video to pinpoint an issue and prioritize it. Our clients appreciate that.”

"POSM's Crossbore Tools help us sort through potentially minutes or hours of video to pinpoint an issue... "

POSM’s customizable report feature is another great help to Champion. “Our gas company clients are ‘consistently inconsistent,’” said Lincoln. “Each company has different video requirements, field requirements, different deliverable requirements, mapping requirements... each client expects information presented to them in a specific way.” POSM’s report generator is “like a jar of clay. We can make it work the way we need it. With each new customer, we can present the information exactly the way they want to see it.”

CCSI Staff Lincoln StephensonLincoln estimates that Champion “runs about 40 crews per day, 47 lateral launch CCTV trucks all running POSM, and that does not include our push camera-specific fleet. We total around 60 CCTV-capable crews, and POSM is the only data-collection software we use in the field.”

CCSI Staff in OfficeIn 2008, Champion and POSM were both working closely with Rausch. Champion purchased equipment, and POSM was collaborating with Rausch to create code that ensured maximum compatibility with their hardware. This interaction was noticed and appreciated by Champion. POSM is compatible with an array of inspection hardware throughout the industry. This, includes Rausch’s Scancam laser pipe profiling, Kampac joint pressure testing, laser measurement, LATRAS lateral tracking system and lateral launch control.

Lincoln says, “POSM Software plays a part in Champion’s everyday processes. All our operators are trained on the software. POSM’s technical support trained our team exceptionally well and now we’re independent on it. For our technicians, operating POSM is equivalent to operating the truck. All the video in Q/C is received in a POSM format and loaded onto a POSM server specifically set up for us. It’s reviewed by our team in a POSM format. We love POSM and have no desire to change.”

"For our technicians, operating POSM is equivalent to operating the truck."

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