POSM Reaching Out to its Customers to Ensure Data Backup Processes

Computer KeyboardIn today’s world, a company’s most valuable virtual data is vulnerable to an array of attacks, hardware failure or accidental deletion. That’s why a reliable, consistent method of backing up data is more important than ever. Because we value our client’s data almost as much as they do, POSM Software is readying to check in with all of our customers to assess their setup and assist with a backup process that integrates with each company’s workflow. POSM has all the tools to make the backup process easy, consistent, and reliable.

It will begin with an email or phone call from our Inside Sales Manager Derek Johnson. He’ll ask our clients simple setup questions about the processes they already have in place and then connect them to one of our tech support staff who can assist them in making sure their backups are as reliable, automated, and secure as they need to be. We’ll also make sure they know how to best utilize the backup tools within POSM Software already at their disposal.

And because a reliable backup is so important to the core business of our clients, we’re doing this check free of charge. Why? Because critical data loss is disastrous to our clients and data recovery is time-consuming for us. Not to mention, if it gets to that point, we would have let our clients down. It just makes sense to get proactive about securing the data of all our clients.

...because a reliable backup is so important..., we’re doing this check free of charge.

Clients of POSM Software can expect an email or a phone call soon. If you want to get ahead of the process, simply click here to log into our support link or run your POSM Remote Support Client . One of our technicians will walk you through creating your backup free of charge, no support contract required during this special promotion. For your initial backup, we recommend you have a USB hard drive handy. We’ll also be happy to answer your questions through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If your pipeline software technical support isn’t proactive about your backup process, or you’d like to learn more about what makes POSM Software the Most Robust, User-Friendly Software to Come Down the Pipe™, contact us today at this link and ask about our FREE 60-Day Trial.

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