POSM Works With ESRI for Easy Asset Management Map Population

In this space, we frequently speak of the lesser known but most powerful features of our software, including recent add-ons and upgrades. POSM Software’s ability to automate your asset inventory in a map is a lesser known, time-saving benefit of our software, and it’s not new. We built this functionality into the software nearly 15 years ago, so it’s past time we bragged about it so more customers are aware how our apps can save them time and effort.


ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) ArcMAP and ArcGIS are industry-leading Geographic Information System software and it is an useful application to use in asset-mapping tools for pipeline inspection. ArcMAP and/or ArcGIS online are the preferred ESRI mapping licenses of city, government employees, and private contractors that work within municipalities (especially large cities). These platforms are state of the art visualization tools to manage your asset in a more visually friendly way. POSM modifies and customizes the information so the end user can see the information on the map.


Some of the most important features are the following:

  • Lets users call up every inspection of a pipe’s detailed inspection report by clicking on the pipe segment.
  • Marks observations along the segment with visual icons (cracks, manholes, etc).
  • View observation images by clicking on the map.
  • Converts observations to GIS (Geographic Information System).
  • When using PACP, ESRI apps show the segment structural rating by color code and numbers, 1-5, 1 (green) being ideal and 5 (red) being critical.

If you are a city worker or contractor that uses POSM Pro and an ESRI asset mapping application, our POSM Tech Support staff can produce a POSM Map Reader file for your truck. POSM Server is based on a SQL server environment (we use SQL Server Management Studio to create tables / views) for your inspection report archives. These apps work together to perform faster, more efficiently, more automated, visually appealing, and offer more customization than using ESRI alone.

faster, more efficiently, more automated, visually appealing...

How? Let’s go over it.

Our software can easily integrate with ESRI tools to automatically update your maps with all relevant inspection history, can be programmed to continually auto-update, and will self maintain. Imagine your map auto-populating the entirety of your pipeline asset history after your trucks upload their latest inspections. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because we can set up the back up and the creation of the POSM web reports with Windows tasks. You can schedule a free demonstration with us and we will show you how much easier, faster, and more efficient your ESRI asset maps can be.

What makes it easier? POSM creates the map by pulling customized information from your SQL Server. The views / tables are set up in SQL Server and joined to ESRI so the POSM report data is accessible in a Geodatabase and produces reports that are linked to the Asset Map.

POSM and ESRI let you:

  • Auto-populate your map with asset relevant information and inspection history.
  • Click on any graphic pipeline segment to bring up that segment’s detailed inspection and full report (report history, pictures of faults and videos of the inspections).
  • Fully customize your reports to present the information you want, how you want it, including company branding.
  • Auto-update asset data to have the most up-to-date inspection information loaded to the map .
  • Share an inspection’s detailed information to any worker in the office through browser links.
  • Link POSM to GIS through POSM Server.

Sure, it takes a bit of training and formatting to get the hang of it. We’ll provide all the FREE virtual training sessions needed to any customer with a current tech support subscription.

The bottom line: If you’re using an ESRI license but aren’t using it in conjunction with POSM, you’re doing a lot of extra work that POSM can make simpler, more thorough, and less time consuming. Stop making it difficult on yourself and click here to contact our tech support today to schedule your free training. Our experts can guide you through the process of building and auto-populating your own ESRI map so you become proficient at it.

The bottom line: If you’re using an ESRI license but aren’t using it in conjunction with POSM, you’re doing a lot of extra work...

NOTE: Free training is a benefit to customers with a current tech support subscription. If yours is not up to date, you will be required to renew your support for 12 months before we can proceed with scheduling your training. Click here to resolve that.

If you use ESRI apps but are unfamiliar with POSM Software, we offer a FREE 60-Day fully unlocked version of our software to let you try before you buy. Click here to contact our tech support to schedule your download.