POSM's Got Em: Servers

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at POSM’s Server options.

Two NEW Hosting options detailed below:

POSM Cloud is one of our newest hosting products. As the name implies, Cloud is a server hosting option stored in the cloud that offers “virtually” everything you need in a server. What are the advantages of having your server offsite?

  • You can run your server on older computers or netbooks with low internal storage capacity, an economic option.
  • Your information is automatically backed up, offsite on the most secure servers technology offers.
  • A simple-to-use interface your users will learn fast.

Bottom line: A great choice for companies that want a reliable, high security server with a minimal investment in disc space or hardware.

Cloud is a server hosting option stored in the cloud that offers “virtually” everything you need in a server.

is another new hosting product. Server-in-a-Box is the do-it-yourself hosting option; for those who like total control, you’ll have it, along with the total responsibility of overseeing every element of your data storage.

  • As the name implies, Server-in-a-Box arrives ready to use right out of the… uh… box.
  • Just hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse, enter our security key, and it’s ready to run.
  • You maintain absolute control of your server: firewalls, security, backups, organization. Your database, your way.

Bottom Line: Arrives fully loaded and ready to run, with nothing more to buy, ever.
NOTE: Cloud storage option is available for Server-in-a-Box.

Server-in-a-Box is the do-it-yourself hosting option; for those who like total control...

POSM Subscription Servers
Whatever you choose as your hosting option, you still need a Server program to run on it, and POSM offers three levels of server software built to your needs, with access to our technical support and priority scheduling of updates for as long as you maintain your subscription (renewed annually).

Typically, the software is downloaded onto the host machine of your choice, such as a computer already in your possession (or we can build one for you) or, yes, the above-mentioned Cloud or Server in a Box. Our four subscription server options include:

POSM Workstation: (FREE with POSM Pro) Our entry-level storage option for one user. Office holds up to 2500 sessions per database and is stored on a Microsoft Access Database. Like any entry-level product, Office has a few limitations: No SQL, no support on a shared network, and no connectivity to a GIS system. But like all POSM products, you can upgrade when you’re ready through a simple and fast process by contacting our customer service tech support. Once you outgrow Office, you might upgrade to…

POSM Storage: Our powerful mid-level subscription server offers several upgrades from Workstation, such as support for unlimited simultaneous users and storage for unlimited sessions on a Microsoft Access Database. Not everyone needs GIS synchronization, and with Storage, you won’t have to pay for something you don’t need.

Once your database grows to larger than 10,000 sessions, we recommend you migrate to one of these two options.

POSM SQL brings optimal speed, no matter how large your database or how many authorized users access your videos at the same time. Reliable storage with all the options to enhance your tracking and accuracy. Choose from Inspection Library storage options: Local Server or the NEW cloud drive option. Cloud drive offers literally unlimited storage space.

POSM GIS includes full blown POSM SQL from a drive or cloud, plus two-way Global Information System (GIS) synchronization tools to keep all your engineers in touch with all your Closed Circuit TV data. Inspection Library storage options: Local Server or NEW Cloud drive option.

Bottom line: These four powerful options of software help keep costs under control.

We understand how important your server’s storage and security are to the integrity of your business, and that not all companies run the same way. That’s why we offer two hosting options and three software choices so you can pick the best options for your business.

If you want discuss our options in host servers, change your current option, or just discuss what’s possible, contact our tech support today to see how we can set you up with the best product(s) for your needs.