POSM 10.1: A Deeper Dive


Last week we announced the launch of the latest update of POSM Software 10.1 in a blog you can read here. We covered a lot in that write-up, and we could only offer a glimpse into the many upgrades and improvements the upgrade offers.

So now let’s take a deeper dive into some of the latest and more exciting enhancements of our software, and the reasons why all customers with their tech support contract in good standing should schedule their FREE UPGRADE immediately.

Here’s just a few of the new upgrades and improvements found in POSM Software 10.1.

...a deeper dive into some of the latest and more exciting enhancements of our software...

Updated video controls with support of Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), all the way up to 4K.

Choose the clarity that makes the most sense! Sometimes you can see plenty of detail with a standard definition image, other times your inspection requires a high definition picture. Still others need the highest resolution 4K video to show the important details (and also require much more storage space to archive it). Now you can customize the video clarity to ensure you archive the most helpful image for the repair team.

POSM Software 10.1 Offers Enhanced security for multi-user environments

We know you love your workers equally, but not every person on your team needs full access to your data. Our new enhanced security options let you fully customize the information each person sees (and doesn’t see), with several optional methods, including password protection access or simply locking out employees from where they don’t belong. Now you have the power to set up a hierarchy as simple or as complicated as you need.

Updated reports in POSM Software 10.1 with enhanced video playback.

Now it’s smoother and easier than ever to integrate and play back video in your reports.

POSM Software 10.1 Offers Overhauled MACP inspection workflow.

Our NASSCO MACP Workflow manhole inspection interface includes graphic manhole images that better identify the specific parts of manholes removing all ambiguity about which specific parts need attention. We spotlighted this feature in even greater detail in this blog.  

Refinements to the remote support which can be launched out of POSM Software.

Your tech support call button for expert help is easier to locate and implement than ever before. 

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So what are you waiting for? Why continue to use last year’s software when you can take advantage of the latest tweaks and improvements by upgrading to POSM Software 10.1? If you’re a customer in good standing with your annual tech support contract paid up to date, click here to contact us and schedule your upgrade today.