Frankfort KY Sewer Inspection StaffFrankfort, KY Sewer Dep't L to R: Matt Tate, Melanie Hockensmith, Tim Puckett, Scotty Manns, and Jonathan Parker

 POSM Spotlight: Jonathan Parker of Frankfort, KY Sewer Department 

Jonathan Parker joined the City of Frankfort water and sewer department in 2008. Frankfort, Kentucky’s state capital, lays over 15 square miles, and is bisected by the Kentucky River. A population of over 25,000 people call it home. Frankfort Sewer Department’s camera truck fleet consists of two trucks, with Jonathan serving as the department’s primary IT support. The department relies heavily on outside contractors to help diagnose and repair its wastewater infrastructure.

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 Florida Maintenance: POSM Top Software on the Market 

Tallahassee Staff Performing Sewer InspectionThe City of Tallahassee’s Pipeline Maintenance and repair crews use Envirosight inspection equipment with POSM Software. “In our experience, this pairing of outstanding equipment and software is the best solution to our needs and ensures we maintain the system most effectively. It’s that simple,” said Anthony Moore, the city’s Maintenance Construction Chief. “They work very well together, and we have no compatibility issues.”

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A Closer Look: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS Battery BackupThe fully loaded CCTV inspection van includes all the tools an inspector needs to autonomously travel to a site, make a thorough inspection of a wastewater pipeline, and return to home base with a clear, accurate video filled with helpful observations. Such tools include:

  • A computer (specifically a laptop or preferably a rackmount because they’re “sized” for the job, and more rugged. Read our article on rackmounts here.)
  • Robot crawler with camera and CCTV reel attached to a Sensoray
  • POSM Software to manage it all
  • A portable power generator so your equipment has electricity for a full day’s work*

*A note on two alternatives to portable power generators: Solar/battery generators are becoming popular. A UPS is not necessary with this power generator. If your truck uses an inverter for the power generator, we would still recommend that you plug the inverter into a UPS.

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A Closer Look: Treating Wastewater

Like the picture on our TV or our microwave oven, we grasp how these things help us, even if we don’t quite understand the technology. Our clean, drinkable tap water is much the same way. We rinse it, we flush it,  we wash with it. Then techno-magic happens and it returns to the community water supply as clean water.

Most of us are cognizant of the fact that our toilets, faucets, washing machines and tubs all drain away into the same underground wastewater pipe system generically referred to as the sewer, and that the sewage is pumped to a local wastewater treatment plant. We know this because we pay a bill for this service. On the rare occasions we give it any further thought, we understand that it’s necessary because that water has passed through toilets, soapy bodies, and laundry. Even rainwater, which appears to be clean (but isn’t) is directed toward the sewer to begin the same purification process.

...water has passed through toilets, soapy bodies, and laundry.

So what exactly happens? We thought we’d take this space to “break down” the process (ha, ha, ha). Somewhere in there we’ll mention POSM Software’s role, because we’re not doing this JUST to educate you. (How boring would THAT be?)

Aerial Footage of Jackson Pike Waste Water Treatment Plant Columbus, OH

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 PipeCheck Founder Credits POSM's "Beyond Out-of-the Box" Service 

Brian Gibson at Rausch Inspection VanBrian Gipson started PipeCheck, LLC in Bowling Green, KY, in 2009 with Rausch inspection equipment and POSM Software. He’s never thought twice about that decision. He chose Rausch for the superior performance and laser profiling capabilities vital to his work, and POSM because “Bob [Katter, founder of POSM] had done the important research with Rausch, and he was the only one who offered a fully integrated package that worked seamlessly with it.”

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A Closer Look: POSM Technical Support

S. Andrew Seidel, Tech Support and V.P. of Electronic HardwareS. Andrew Seidel, Tech Support and V.P. of Electronic Hardware

The purchase of any POSM Software includes one-year access to our technical support service. At the end of the year, you are not required to renew your support. Accordingly, we are not obligated to service customers once their service contract has expired. But don't worry.

Customers can renew their technical support contract at any time by calling us at 859-274-0041.

But why do we charge an annual fee for our technical support? Let's take "A Closer Look".

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 POSM Software Product Overview 

All our Products at a glance, with links to learn more!

POSM is pipeline inspection software company that combines accuracy and versatility to offer the most user-friendly interface to come down the pipe. Operating out of Columbus, OH and distributed primarily to cities and contractors throughout North and South America, POSM also offers exceptional support services to reduce and eliminate downtime in the midst of your pipe inspection.


POSM Professional In Use in RauschPOSM Pro in Mobile Inspection System

Inspection Software

POSM 360 Logo

 360° Pipe Unwrapping 

POSM Professional's data tracking features combined with State-of-the Art 360° “Pipe Unwrapping” digital imagery lets you see what you’ve been missing in a crystal clear, unique video perspective that utilizes single conductor technology.

more information

Compatible With: Rausch

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Advantages of the POSM Dongle

You probably knew that the primary delivery method of a POSM Software license is a program downloaded onto a PC or laptop. But did you know that, once your company is juggling a “fleetful” of licenses, we can also send you access to the program on a dongle, which offers your company organizational flexibility that you might not have known about.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. If you don’t know what a dongle is (this writer didn’t until a couple of years ago) yes, “dongle” is a real word. Yes, it’s a funny word. Hysterical, even. So let’s take a moment, tell yourself all the jokes you need to, have a good laugh, and then continue this article when you put your serious face back on. We’ll wait.

Rackmount with POSM Dongle Activated.

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Why Your Server Needs SQL and the Cloud

Clipboard SQL Checkboxes

You’re a successful mid-level to large company that schedules several pipeline inspections daily. You’ve been using POSM Pro, your inspectors are trained up, and everyone loves it. (And POSM Software loves you too!) You don’t want to use anything else. Your inspection library is huge, so you upgraded to our Server option some time ago. Hopefully your inspectors are using the one-touch backup detailed here so that they can update your inspection files more easily than ever.

Or, you’re employed with the city, or a contractor. Your partnerships require you to use various software in the market. You’ve been using POSM Server as a funnel to organize all that data and love the flexibility and report customization. You especially love how it makes inspections coded in NASSCO standards easier to manipulate. (And yes, POSM Software also loves you!)

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