John DeGray

Technical Support

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John DeGray was hired July 31, 2020. He brought with him years of programming experience, including completing his junior and senior years of high school at an IT Cisco Networking Trade School. He also earned a certification for Adobe Dreamweaver, and had worked as a part-time IT Administrator for four years. He’d also worked with at-risk youth in a residential facility.

Given John’s background, he was a natural fit for our best-in-the-industry tech support team. “I love technology, whether it’s learning about your grandma’s new pacemaker or the rockets to Mars,” Soon John was trained up and assisting POSM customers get unstuck or better understand POSM’s software features. What he most enjoys in his day-to-day role is “it’s our job is to help our customers no matter what. If an issue is beyond one person’s ability, they can call on someone else in the team whose skills fall more in line with the issue. Between us, there’s nothing we can’t solve. It’s satisfying every time we get a customer ‘unstuck’ and back to work.”

Beyond their tech support excellence, John says he’s impressed with “How close our team is, how kind and appreciative everyone was when I joined, and how we appreciate the small things we do for each other in and out of the company.”

John enjoys traveling to other countries and experiencing their culture. He also builds computers and enjoys teaching others about various systems and how to fully utilize them.

We're fortunate to have John as a valued member of our talented POSM Tech Support! To read the profile of every member of Team POSM, click here to go to our Staff page.

POSM Spotlight: POSM Tech Support Offers Training Sessions

No One’s an Expert Forever
Times change, technology changes. And your favorite programs change with the technology. Slowly, almost beyond your notice, you come to a day where that program you thought you knew has added features that may not be obvious, even to a veteran user. When that happens with POSM Software, our tech support has you covered with free remote training sessions.

Whether you’re a long-time satisfied POSM customer who just needs to brush up on the latest features, need a refresher, or you have members of your team who are new and green to all things POSM, our expert tech support will take great care of you with FREE personalized remote training sessions. It's just another service  service we offer to all customers with their annual support in good standing.

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Virginia Beach Crew Returns to POSM Software

Photo of Virginia Beach's BeachMarvin Tatem, the Utility Crew Leader for the City of Virginia Beach, VA., has worked for the City for 25 years and hasn’t seen a slow day. Marvin directs a crew of eight workers with six trucks (three pairs of truck crews, each consisting of a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) truck and a cleaning truck). Marvin stays on top of the city’s ever-demanding pipe maintenance needs. He delegates assignments and personally performs CCTV inspections daily.

Virginia Beach takes an aggressive approach to pipeline maintenance:

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Get a FREE Asset Map!

If you are a POSM customer already running POSM Pro, we build you a FREE asset map. It’s one of the perks we offer all our Pro customers. Not everyone knows this, so we're contacting all our customers this applies to so we can proactively get that done.

(IMPORTANT: The free map function requires that you provide GIS shape files. Regretfully, this means we may not be able to accommodate some cities.)

How do I Get a FREE Asset Map?
We make it really tough. You have to ask us.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, because our tech support is actively reaching out to customers to make them aware of this perk. But doing this is a long, involved process, so it’s probable we haven’t gotten to your company yet. All you have to do is show your interest in FREE things by proactively reaching out to us. We’ll let you cut in line and get it done.

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POSM's Got Em: XBOB-4 Video Overlay

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at XBOB-4 Video Overlay Generators.

Decade Engineering Xbob4 Overlay Front View

The XBOB-4 (fourth generation manufactured by Decade Engineering) performs a single, vitally important function for pipe inspectors. It lets you overlay text on your video screen, and does so with a great deal of versatility.

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Get your FREE POSM T-Shirts!

Software Developer Bob Katter Sporting the POSM tshirt in the field.

POSM Shirts Black and Orange

You still want 'em, we restocked 'em, NEW FREE comfy T-Shirts with the awesome POSM logo! Available again in a variety of sizes and our two most popular colors. How can you qualify for one? Yours FREE when you take action to help your business.

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POSM Software Forms Spanish Speaking Tech Support Team

In spite of the many complications inherent for everyone in the year 2020, POSM set ambitious plans in motion to expand the quality, availability and offerings of its tech support. Our goals included:

  • Create and build a quality Spanish language tech support team to address the needs of our growing Latin American clients.
  • Expanded tech support hours to better assist the west coast and to help with those inspections that run into the early evening.
  • Improve coverage of high-level tech support, such as GIS services and database integration.
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WE’VE MOVED! POSM Software’s payment mailing address has changed. Effective immediately, if you pay your invoice by check, send to:

POSM Software
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Continue to make checks payable to POSM Software. Please note this change in your records. If your payment is already in the mail, rest assured your check will be forwarded to us.

We are updating our W-9 with the new address. It will be available on our website and upon request.


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New Hire Spotlight

Socrates Palma

West Coast Technical Support
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Socrates Palma joined POSM’s growing West Coast Tech Support team in the summer of 2020.

He brings with him considerable engineering credentials, including: a degree (equivalent of a Bachelor of Science) in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Managua Nicaragua; he’s a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a VMware Certified Professional DataCenter Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization Engineer.

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