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POSM Video Kit

Our Video Kit is a Video Sync Restore, Overlay, Video Splitter, MPEG Encoder/Live Video Capture And Power—In One Module

All The Hardware Needed To Run POSM On A Rackmount, Laptop Or Desktop Computer.

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  • Includes high quality BNC video cabling and distance encoder adapters.
  • Whole Run Video Encoder: 720X480 D1 full screen video at 30FPS USB hardware MPEG4 encoding with pause.
  • Overlay: Overlays all text information on NTSC or PAL video and includes distance encoder.
  • Video Amplifier: Amplifies and splits the video signal five times with BNC connectors for use with external monitors, VCR/DVD recorders, live video capture, and mpeg encoding.
  • Live Video Capture: USB 30FPS full screen video capture device for POSM to take pictures and video clips.
  • TBC Video Restoration Unit: Professional grade to ensure the highest quality video capture.