Joshua said, “Bob (Katter, co-founder and programming lead within POSM) has done a lot to create custom fields specifically for crossbore. The customization is the best part of the Crossbore Tools. I’ve known Bob for a long time. He works with many municipalities–gas and power companies–that all specialize in crossbore projects, so the Tools can be specifically catered to each project. The customization is key, because no two crossbore projects are the same.

"...customization is key, because no two crossbore projects are the same."

Photo of CrossboreJoshua was full of praises for POSM’s tech support, especially when it comes to crossbore projects. “Crossbores are a fairly serious issue. We’re running 30-40 trucks on crossbore issues alone and it I can’t get ahold of anyone to trouble-shoot an issue  immediately, then I’m stuck. It’s always a time sensitive thing. POSM Tech Support is second to none. I never have an issue with getting tech support when we need it. Other software companies just don’t provide that level of support. Not even close. I don’t think anyone who has used other software could argue that point.”

If your company specializes in crossbore detection, investigation, and repair, you owe it to yourself to try out POSM’s Crossbore Tools, and find out why Joshua Kerby of AIMS Companies says he’s never used anything else like it.

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